1. Limited number of seats available in each class. Parents are advised to get the names of their wards registered for admission, well in advance. Registration for admission to all classes starts from 1st Feb. every year.
  2. Admission is strictly based on Admission Test(Written/Oral) conducted during the month of March every  year. Admission test is on the basis of the syllabus of previous class passed.
  3. Admission is made strictly on the basis of Merit. Students who have attended other schools, are admitted, on the submission of Transfer. Certificate from their previous school duly countersigned by Education Officer/C.B.S.E at the time of Admission.



The school academic year has been divide into two terms:

(a) First Term: April to September.

(b) Second Term: October to March.

Thus the academic session commences on 1st April and comes to an end on 31st March the following year. Summer vacations: 15th May to 30th June. In addition there is a winter break of approx. 10 days in first half of January

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