NPS Lohari has an individualized academic program in which children progress through a curriculum of concepts and skills at their own pace. We utilize a variety of instructional techniques and methods, believing that no one system is ideal for every child.

The curriculum is sequenced and developmental, emphasizing remediation of the cognitive skills necessary for learning and social development. Students explore the concepts and skills found in most typical elementary.

Middle and high school programs. We particularly emphasize written expression and literacy in all its aspects as the key to future academic success. Reading comprehension and acquisition of math concepts and operations are fundamental elements of our curriculum. Study and organizational skills are embedded in the curriculum to promote self-reliance and future academic success. Students develop an internal sense of organization and motivation through choice making, experiencing the results of hard work and academic inquiry. Stepping Stones focus is on how each child can learn best, rather than on having the group “cover” a specific quantity of material. Consultation between classroom teachers, assistant teachers, and other specialists is continuous, so that each child’s program can be modified to meet his or her specific needs.

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